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12 Best Phones Under 40000 Naira in Nigeria (2020)

phones under 40000

Best Phones under 40000 Naira In Nigeria

Just like I wrote before, if you can find good phones under 40000 why won’t you find a phone under 30000 in Nigeria as well.

Phones are costly no doubt but in some cases,  there are still so many ways you can still get a cheap phone but not just cheap but a good cheap one at that.

  But before you can get a good phone, you have to, first of all, know some good companies you can get the phone from and in this article, I will not just show you those good phones under 40000 but I will also give you a little list of good brands.

although if you check on this site, I once wrote about the good and big-time industries you can get a quality phone from. But if you can’t start reading another article or searching, you can just go further and see the list below.

1 Tecno company: one of the best and popular companies that is cool and affordable.

And some of their cheap qualities phone are;

Pop 2 professional

Pop 2s professional: an upgraded version of pop 2 professional

Spark 2

Spark 3

2 Itel Company: If you are looking for a company that produces cheaper products but with quality, then get an Itel product. This company does not just sell a phone under 40000, they also sell phones under 30000, and under 25000 all here in Nigeria.

P33: This is one of the raining phones in Nigeria as of now that’s to show you that it’s a quality phone Not quantity. So if you have a small budget or you just want to get an itel product, you can always put P33 into consideration as well.


3 Huawei: quality is what you are looking for right? These guys can take care of your needs all you have to do is select the phone you want or you just walk into a Huawei phone store and order phones under 40000 and truly, you will get a quality product.

Although they are not perfect, they try to make sure that their phones are qualities so that a customer can return again for more.

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