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15 Discord themes You can use with better discord

discord themes

 Discord themes You can use with better discord


I guess you might be coming across the word discord themes on the internet when you were busy looking for a theme to use for your website.

Anyways discord themes are one of the restrictive themes ever you can ever use. What I mean here is that there are a lot of things that you are not allowed to do with discord themes and sometimes that can be so annoying.

But the Good news is that there is always a way out from almost everything that is on the internet. Hahaha. But don’t be too happy yet. One of the things that discord themes allow you to do with the theme is just to change the front end either from light to dark or from dark to light.

But I guess that’s not what you are looking for right now, you need a theme that you can edit, apply the background, etc, and that’s where better discord comes in to help reduce all the stress and also to answer all your questions.

Although it is not as if Better discord is perfect, better discord also go against the terms, and the policy of discord themes but to avoid getting banned with discord themes, it is better to use better discord to your advantage.

Better discord is the upgraded version of the discord app that is why you will not get banned with discord themes except you use plugins that are against discord policy.

If you avoid these plugins, you will not have any issue using discord themes.

Do you know how to use the better discord themes? If your answer is No, then don’t worry, I got you covered.

In this article, I will list out some discord themes and also how to set up discord themes using better discord. So just keep reading.

How to setup Better discord

Before you set it up, you have to first of all download it, and that’s what we are going to do now, I will walk you through step by step below here.

1 To use better discord themes, you have to visit the better discord website at

2 Once you are on the better discord site, a download button will display at the header section of the site, click on the download.

3 When you click on the download, it will take you to a different site GitHub

4 while on the GitHub page, when you scroll down, you will reach where you can select the version for your OS (Operating System), then you select your version.

5 After selecting your OP, click on it to start the downloading.

Note: Once you click, it will start the automatic download.

6 Once you are done downloading it into your system, run it as administrator.

7 Follow the procedure and steps on the window displayed accordingly to finally installed the better discord on your system.

Now you are done with the installation, restart your system to be able to see the changes.

The next step is to install a better discord theme. I guess we all know how to install a theme because, in better discord, there is no difference between both.

But if you don’t know how to install themes, still don’t worry, I’m still with you.

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To download a theme on better discord, you have to head over to the better discord themes library and then select the theme that you want to use or test first, after selecting, click on the download button.

Boom, you have successfully downloaded a better discord theme. Is now time to start using it, and also setting it to your taste. But remember to avoid some harmful third-party plugins.

But how do you start using the theme you have downloaded? You have to install it first by clicking on the user setting when you open your better discord. Once you are in the user setting dashboard, select theme. Remember that’s what we actually went there for.

So after selecting a theme, move to the next option by selecting the open theme folder option. Then that’s it, all you have to do is copy the downloaded theme and paste it there and then refresh it so that you can making use of it.

Some of the discord themes are as follows;

1  The Great Mountain Site Theme

2 The Reborn Theme

3 The  Dark Discord theme

4 The Midnight UI

5 The  Clear Vision Theme

6 The Horizontal Server List Theme

7 The basic Background Theme

8 The Black Hole Theme

9 The Frosted Glass

10  The Sunset Theme

11 The Redial Status Theme

12  The Elysia Theme

13 The Nocturnal Theme

14 The Wonderful And Green Forrest Theme

15 MinimalCord Theme


How safe is better discord?

Although it is normal to be scared of investing your time, energy, knowledge, and effort on something that you don’t know how long it will be.

Well, to answer your question, Better Discord is completely safe as long as you are mindful of the kind of third-party plugins that you bring in to use.

So if your plugins are not harmful, then you can flow with your better discord well without being scared of viruses attacking your files.

What are these discord themes all about?

If you were just searching for something but somehow you came across this article, and you decided to read through it, then after reading through it, you now pick interest in knowing more about these discord themes, then don’t worry.

Down here before I draw a conclusion on this article, I will tell you what discord them is.


Discord Themes:

Discord themes are themes in which programmers use in creating some projects over the web as communities, where digital marketing can be carried out including chats, video and audio calls using messenger, etc.

A big example of a discord app created in the world in which more than a million people are using is Skype. Yeah, Skype is one big discord successful project that was carried out in the year 2003 by skype communications S.a.r.l and partners.

Discord uses different kinds of programming languages like python, Javascript, Elixir, Rust, etc.

Now you know about Discord, what next? If you want to learn how to work with discord themes, please do well to research more before starting the project and ensure that you use YouTube tutorials videos. Good luck.

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