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3 Ways To Promote A Youtube Channel

ways to promote a youtube channel

Ways To Promote A Youtube Channel

Having a channel is one but knowing where and ways to promote a youtube channel is another thing. As a Youtuber who posts good and original content on your channel weekly but yet you have less to nothing views on those great videos and that is caused by a lot of things.

1 One of them is that you are not giving that video a direction and with no direction, the video can not be seen.

But what does this direction I’m saying here mean? It directly means that you don’t do keyword research for your videos, yeah you just post it there and wait for when the bot will index it.

No, is not done that way if you want to rank on your channel with your videos, you really need to start doing keyword research so that you will be using it when posting your video.

If you don’t know how to go about this, you may want to check it out here

And that’s one way on how to promote a youtube channel and is called SEO.

2 Social media: Using Facebook by now shows tell you that in Facebook, there are over billions of people using the platform all over the world, and with you using it for your channel promotion, will go a long way.

Get freelancers on Facebook to promote your videos for you on their groups, pages by running an ad for you.

If you are looking for original permanent subscribers, then a sub for subgroups platforms, shouldn’t be where you go for in terms of promotion.

So using small money on Facebook to drive views to your channel, is not a bad idea.

3 Make friends with follow YouTubers: One thing that many newbies do not understand in this online work is that it takes time to grow and if you want to make it fast, you have to meet people who are into this field before you.

You can pay them to promote for you, or they can teach you one or two things that you need to do in other to grow. Learn and also earn from reading and watching other people’s videos concerning how to do it and also content and videos on your Niche.

It will help you to know more day by day because you can stop at what you know if you want to make it in life. so be open to learning.

I hope you chose anyone that works for you there and use it to promote your channel. Success.


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