How to make money online has been almost everyone who uses internet target, they just want to make money online be it night or day.

But the truth is that you can not make money online if you don’t have anything to sacrifice, either your time or skill or money to make money.

More than 80% of mankind uses the internet which makes it very easy to make money on the internet even from the comfort of your home.

All you need to do for that to happen is to get a skill. Yeah, a skill. There are so many skills out there that you can learn and then make a living from it one day.

Although at times people find it hard to select which skill they should learn. And do you know why this happens? It is because of the mindset they have, they just want to make money, so they need something that after learning, they can use it and make a huge amount of money.

Instead of going for what they have passion on. The truth is that ” big man, big trouble” which means that as the skill is high in demand and in paid, so it will be highly competitive.

So why not go for something that you have passion on so that you will give in your all just to master that skill?

Below are few skills that you can learn which you can start making money with under three, six months from now if you study it well.

1 Web Development: as a website developer, you can be making money from building websites for individuals, schools, Churches, Companies, etc.


2 Fashion Design: Have you heard of the top fashion designers who ride on Benz?? I guess you have. You can make a lot of money from sitting on that machine for hours sowing a dress.

You can also make money or double your hustling by starting a fashion blog, although you don’t have to fashion designer before you can own a fashion blog.

As someone who loves fashion or is a fashion freak can likely start a fashion blog by writing about color combinations, what accessories will go with different dresses, etc?

3 Content Creation: everyday freelancers writers are making money from writing for companies, churches, businesses, individual websites. You too can also cash out.

4 Graphic Design: there is no business or anything site online that doesn’t have a Logo, or a graphic on their site, so now you see how graphic designing work is also in high demand.

5 Digital marketing: you don’t have to have a product before you start this one, all you do is to study from others who are in the field before you, then start marketing people’s products and be making your commission from there.

6 Social media manager, etc

follow any of these and learn how to make money online from home.

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