Best 6 apps that you can earn money from in Nigeria

Best 6 apps that you can earn money from (work for Nigeria)

Making money in Nigeria is not that easy, but with the help of the internet, you can actually make some thousand.

But do you do that, you can’t make any money any money from the internet if you just sit at home and fold your hands and be looking at the phone.

making money is very easy but only if you have made up your mind to strike, to research on things you can do online to make money legally without having to join groups of scammers just for money.

The truth is that internet money is not for people who are not ready to sit up and work by performing task online to earn cash.

So if you are ready and serious to make that money with the help of just downloading an app then continue reading.

Below here are the best 6 apps that you can earn money from;

1. Inboxpays

Inbox pays is one of the best app that ensures that they pay their users for their task.

  As the name implies, you mail money by receiving emails from the platform. which means you earn 0.20 dollar in each email sent to you.

 You earn 0.50-100 dollars for a survey, although this amount varies base on the kind of survey you handle at a type. You earn 5 dollar bonus reward for just signing up on the site

2. Opay

Opay is a very popular platform know for fund transfers, payment of many kinds of bills which includes, electrical bills, recharge cards, DSTV subscription bills, etc

But one thing about Opay is that they offer a service whereby you earn by every person you invite to use Opay under your referral name.

So it is very easy to earn between 50-250#  on each person in which you invite to the platform.

3. Palmpay

Palmpay is just like Opay, yeah, it is also a payment gateway but you can also earn by referral, sign up, etc.

 example, a #100 airtime for signing up and  between 2000, 1000 or 500# for referring your friends to use palmpay.

Although there are other ways of earning even bigger using the platform, visit the site for more info.

4. Jumia app

 Well, you might be surprised to discover that Jumia has this kind of program. but although it is not really the same way as others. but in Jumia, you can earn by promoting the company through their referral program or you make money from applying for their affiliate program whereby you will be helping them promote their products.

5. Amazon

Just like Jumia, Amazon is the top leading E-commerce site in the world, so being popular is to your advantage, you can join their affiliate associate program or their referral program.

6 . Blogging

 You may not be a good writer, but you actually learn web development and be making money by creating sites and blogs for clients.

It is possible to make even more than $500 dollars just by creating a site for a client or even $2000 dollars from building a company website.

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Please note that this content is just from my own knowledge, I am not doing any promotion for any site listed above here which means I have not collected a dice from them. Thank you for reading.


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