Brittany Mahomes: The Truth About Patrick Mahomes wife you may not known

The Truth About Patrick Mahomes wife you may not known


All eyes are on the Kansas City Chiefs and the San Francisco 49ers as they face off in the 2020 Super Bowl, including the Chiefs’ star quarterback Patrick Mahomes. You may be familiar with his on-field athletics, but what is he up to when he’s not training, throwing the pigskin, or promoting his team? Based on Instagram, there’s a pretty good chance he’s spending time with his long-term girlfriend, Brittany Matthews and their two pups, Steel and Silver.

The twenty-somethings reportedly moved into a $1.9 million home in Kansas City in 2019, so they’re really putting down roots as a couple. Fans are also well aware that Matthews is usually at Mahomes’ games, cheering on those Chiefs. But there’s plenty more to know about Matthews beyond just her QB boyfriend. So let’s kick things off, shall we?

Their relationship goes way, way back

Not only do these two have a strong past, but they’re working on building an even stronger future. As reported by Business Insider (via Bleacher Report), Mahomes talked about buying a nearly $2 million house together and said, “Setting down roots in Kansas City was huge for us. I think the people are what we love the most about Kansas City. We’re trying to be here for a long, long time.” From high school prom to purchasing real estate, these two are checking off all the major milestones.

Patrick Mahomes’ girlfriend is his biggest fan

There’s no doubt that Brittany Matthews is her boyfriend Patrick Mahomes’ No. 1 fan. Celebrating Mahomes’ upcoming trip to the Super Bowl, Matthews shared a photo kissing him on the football field, captioned, “YOU DID IT BABE … #chiefskingdom.” She was so excited about the game that her reaction to the win sparked a TMZ story saying she “WENT FULL-ON BERSERK while watching her boyfriend engineer one of the greatest comebacks in NFL playoff history … screaming, yelling, talking trash!!!”

While she’s a huge fan of her BF’s team, Matthews hasn’t always been treated the kindest by other football fans. According to USA Today’s For The Win, Matthews detailed what happened when she attended a Chiefs game against the New England Patriots with Mahomes’ brother, Jackson, in December 2019. She tweeted at the time: “As soon as we sit down, drunk dude ‘hey everyone this is patrick mahomes girl and brother, let’s give them sh*t’ This shall be fun.” In a follow-up post, she added, “Gillette security came and got us and moved us to a safe place … that’s how you know it was bad.” Matthews posted on IG that despite “getting harassed,” the New England bullies “will NEVER keep me away.”

You better believe she was there to witness the Chiefs win Super Bowl LIV on Feb. 2, 2020! She posted plenty of photos throughout the night, including a celebratory post-game pic with the caption: “We fought for our right to PAAAARTYYYY.”

Brittany Matthews is an athlete, just like her husband

There are two sports enthusiasts in this relationship. According to Cheatsheet, Brittany Matthews is an athlete who played soccer growing up. In an interview with Yahoo Sports in July 2019, Patrick Mahomes mentioned his girlfriend also keeps his health on track. “Eating-wise, I’m blessed that my girlfriend is [big on] nutrition so she helps me out with that — she’s [about] fitness,” he said. And he’s not the only one she helps.

Over on Instagram, Matthews shares videos of her workouts regularly, since she’s a certified personal trainer. Her IG bio notes that she earned a bachelor’s degree in kinesiology and offers online fitness courses. “I am a strong woman who is aspiring to make a positive impact on people’s health and wellness,” she says on her website, BrittanyLynneFitness. She also reportedly played professional soccer in Iceland but had a change of heart: “By the end of my first season, I truly began to fall in love with being in the gym more than being on the soccer field,” she said. Now, she’s doing what she can to help others discover a passion for fitness.

While Mahomes is the one playing in the Super Bowl, it sounds like Matthews can hold her own as an athlete, and their mutual love of fitness only brings them closer. They’ve been going strong for years now, and really, who doesn’t love a high school sweethearts story?


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