Camilla gives rare insight into royal life – Wordle, fear for grandkids and Meghan Markle private leaked photo

Camilla gives rare insight into royal life - Wordle, fear for grandkids and Meghan Markle photo

Camilla, the Duchess of Cornwall, sat down with Vogue ahead of her 75th birthday this year, doing a personal interview and photoshoot inside Clarence House, which she shares with Prince Charles.

Camilla, the Duchess of Cornwall, has opened up about life in the royal family, her relationship with Prince Charles and her fears for her grandchildren in a rare interview.

The future Queen Consort sat down Vogue ahead of her 75th birthday later this year to give a brutally honest insight into being part of The Firm.

She told the fashion bible she has no big plans for her special day and will likely just spend it with family and a few friends, saying: “Who wants to be 75, really, but there’s nothing we can do about it.”

The fashion lover picked all the outfits herself from her own wardrobe, but admitted that the press on nails she did for the occasion fell off when she was gardening the day before the interview.

She also joked with photographer Jamie Hawkesworth when the Vogue team arrived, apologising that he had to spend the day photographing an “old bat”.

Meghan and Harry photo

When the magazine’s features director Giles Hattersley arrived at Clarence House for the interview, he noticed a collection of framed family photos scattered around.

Alongside snaps of Princes William and Harry as teens, he notes a snap from Meghan Markle and Prince Harry’s wedding sits “in the primo spot upfront”.

The interview comes just a few weeks after Camilla and Charles finally got to meet their granddaughter, Lilibet, when Meghan and Harry brought their children to the UK for the

Queen’s Jubilee celebrations.

They weren’t photographed together during the four-day weekend, and while they both attended the Service of Thanksgiving they arrived separately and were sat on opposite sides of St Paul’s Cathedral.

Daily Wordle challenge

Just like the rest of us, it turns out the royals love Worlde and Camilla plays on her iPad every day.

She explained that she messages her granddaughter every morning to compare scores. She joked that it’s “very satisfactory” when the website “tells you how brilliant you are”.

She it seems that she’s pretty good it, joking that she’s got twos before – impressive!

Fears for grandchildren


As well as her royal step-children, Camilla shares two kids – Laura and Tom – with her ex-husband Andrew Parker Bowles.

She also has five grandchildren aged between 12 and 14, who she is very close to and loves to spoil.


She tells the magazine: “The girls are beginning to get into clothes and make-up and, you know, it’s rather frightening when you see them, coming out with pierced ears and a lot of new make-up and funny-coloured hair and stuff.”


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