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How Glo share data works | 2021guide

How Glo share data works

Glo network is indeed one of the best network in Nigeria and other parts of the world when it comes to buying data and cheap call teriff plans. I know your have heard about Glo share data from my previous post but still been wondering how Glo data share works.

Don’t worry because This article will give you a full tips on how glo share data works I have shared a Post some months ago about how to share data on glo network but I’ve forgotten to tell my readers how glo data sharing works that’s why I decided to come back with this post so stay calm as I am about to unveil to you how Glo share data works

What is Data share?

Data share is a feature by network providers that allows their customers or users to send part or all of their active data allowance to other users.

How Glo share data works

How glo Share data works


For instance let’s say Mr. A wants search for How to download videos from twitter to your phone or pc |2021 he don’t have data at that time but his friend Mr. B have data in his glo Sim but the two guys are not close.

So now Mr. B can share his data with Mr. A so that mr. A Can be able to use the net at that time.

All data that Mr. A is using now will be deducted from Mr. B’s data allowance because mr. B has share his data with Mr. A.

So this is how Glo share data works

How to share data on Glo network 2021

But mind you that Glo Share data is a little bit different from othe networks in nigeria because in network companies like Airtel and others you can share only part of your data plan with others.To which Glo case is different

As a glo user once you shared your glo data with someone maybe your family member or a friend, the person will continue to be using your data forever -yes I mean forever unless you unshared the data from your Sim.


If you didn’t unshare your data with someone that you once share your Glo data with once you have data on your glo sim that your friend sharing your data will be able to use your data to browse.


now that you know how Glo share data  works you can also read how to share data on glo network from my previous post.


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