In 3 Ways How To Avoid Getting Your Google Adsense Banned

 How To Avoid Getting Your Google Adsense Banned

Getting AdSense is almost every new blogger’s dream, they think that once they get approved by Google, and that’s all they need but the truth is that getting approved is step one staying away from getting your Google AdSense banned is another if not the most important.

But how do you avoid getting your account ban? Well, let’s check it out together.

1 Don’t click on your ads: the worst mistake you can do in your account when you monetize it is mistakenly or purposefully clicking on your ads.

2 Inviting your friends: Your friends helping you to click so that you can cash out in time, is a terrible idea.

Yeah, Google is very intelligent that you nor your friends can not deceive them that easily. So avoid clicking on your adverts or else you will lose your account.

3 Having multiple Account: AdSense does not welcome the idea of having multiple accounts, so you must ensure that you have one account throughout your stay with their ads network company.

So to stay safe, avoid all these.

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