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6 Ways on How to change your Facebook display name

facebook display name

How to change your Facebook display name

Most time we can do a lot of stuff with our social media like changing some settings but we do not discover or know that we can actually change the name we used on our Facebook handle.

Yeah, ow on Facebook, you can do almost everything with your account,  you can change your Facebook display name, you can also verify your name on Facebook.

For you to change anything including your display name on Facebook, you must ensure that you know your password or the mobile number or email that you used during registration is still very active because you will need it.

To avoid anyone having access to your account to do any changes, Facebook has made it in a way that every change that wants to be conducted in your account, a password will be required.

So that is why it is necessary that before you even start or think of it, first of all, remember your password.

Then after you are sure that you know your password, you can then proceed to the changes of Facebook display name by following this few steps below;

1 Log into your Facebook account

2 Navigate to the right-hand side of your device, you will see three dashed,

3 click on it, when you do, it will talk you to another page which is the menu.

4 Scroll down to where you see settings and click on it

5 when you open your settings, you will see a lot of other options for settings, but since we had a task, which was to change the display Facebook name, we will go further to find where to do that.

6 You select on the general, once you are on the general you will see where your name is

7 click on the edit icon under your display name and input your password in other to be given access to edit it.

8 You can now input any name you want to use and then click on the save the setting.

9 That’s all, you have successfully changed your Facebook display name.

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