6 Steps On How To Connect Xender To System


Do you find it difficult on how to connect your Xender to system for file transfer but you can’t? Then don’t worry, I got you covered.

The ways new versions of xender are coming out almost every month is making it frustrating to connect your xender to your laptop unlike before.

The truth is that is still the same way it used to be before, the only issue is that they write down the procedure you have to follow before connecting your phone Xender to your laptop.

Before it used to be something that once you open the xender and select connect to PC it will just take to you the page where you have to create the hotspot and then paste the code on your browser.

Well, there is no big difference on these once now all you have to do is;

  1. Open your xender on your phone
  2. When the window that directs you to settings comes up, don’t panic just don’t click on the settings if your hotspot is already on.
  3. Just go to your system and on your wifi then the hotspot you just created will display
  4. Click on it and input your hotspot password if there is any.
  5. Once you are connected, proceed to your browser, I recommend Chrome browser
  6. Then input the numbers and click on the accept page that will display on your phone
  7. Confirm and then boom, your phone xender is connected to your laptop.

Start transferring files from your phone to system or from system to phone by clicking and selecting the files you want to transfer.

That’s all, you now know how to connect xender to system.

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