6 Steps On How To Factory Reset A Phone

How to fix a hacked android phone


Phones have become a part of us that many of us cannot do without but what happens when you don’t have access to the phone anymore, or the phone starts hanging in a way that is so annoying do you have to get a new phone??? No, if you don’t want to format the phone, you can factory reset it.

This means that you will not lose your files but you will only have to reinstall.

So flashing a phone is a 50/50 chance of having your phone back but resetting the phone is the best option to fix a hanging phone.

Now, how do you factory reset a phone by yourself without having to pay someone to help you?

1 You have to switch off the phone in which you are planning to run a factory reset.

2 once the phone is off, press the power button and the down volume button together at the same time and hold.

3 It will display a command icon and after display some options.

4 among the options, you will see a factory reset option, click on it.

  1. Then follow the procedure and click ok.
  2. Done

To select an option on the display window, you make use of the up volume button to select through.

Following the instructions, you are done with your factory resetting and your phone is back as new.

Locate your app from the file to reinstall them one after the other and start using again.

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