Best Guides on How to fix a hacked android phone

How to fix a hacked Android phone

How to fix a hacked android phone And how you can protect your phone from hackers.

Hacking Android phones nowadays as become something that happens every second because almost everybody today use phones to save useful informations, credentials, Bank details and so many things which attracks hackers to ones phone that’s why I decided to write on “How to fix a hacked android phone” because I know that many people needs guides on this.

Many people today falls victims of their android phones being hacked by unknown individuals without knowing how hackers managevto access their phones but today you are lucky that you are reading this post because this article will give you more insights on how hackers hacks phones, how you can protect your phone from being hacked in the future, how you can easily know whether your phone has been hacked and the easy way that you can fix a hacked android phone.

Ways that hackers uses to hack phones

Below are some of the easiest way that hackers are using to hack people’s phone easily.

Hackers  are very smart more than you can imagine because once a particular method has stopped working for them, they will quickly look for another way to continue with their tasks that’s why you have to be careful with them.

They can attack your phone or pc at any time if care is not taking.

Without wasting much of your time, below are some of the ways that hackers can access your phone without you knowing it.

How to fix a hacked Android phone

1. Spam emails

hackers knows that almost everybody needs money, job, good health and anything that will make people to be happy so hackers use that as an advantage to spam your mailbox with different fake job opportunities, make money opportunities, fake grands that will makes you think of trying those promises that you read from your mailbox.

And those mails come with links attached to it and once you click on those links sometimes they will give you online forms to fill and once you fill it them you have automatically summited your informations to those hackers.

Below is One example of mails that I received from someone that I don’t and I don’t even have any deal with the person

“Hi Bartholomew,


I’m contacting you because I’m employing a few new people in my system this month

It may be intuition, or just a hunch, but I just have a feeling you would be great for us.

I’ve attached your secure invite, the password is:2070.

I’m eager to hear back from you Bartholomew ”


2. Android Applications

One of the ways that hackers use to attack individual’s phones is be creating phone applications and injects malwares or viruses into their app and when you download such type of files your phone will be at risk because that virus will infect your phone which can damage your phone.

3. phishing attack

Phishing is one of the effective ways that hackers uses that people easily fall into it because with it they will clone a well known website or app that will look like the original website or app and send it to people and when you click the link the cloned webpage will request for your facebook or email login details to continue once you supply such informations the website will send your information directly to the hacker.

4. Fake online promos and giveaways

Some hackers will post on social media or will contact you and tell you that you have won a certain amount of money or a particular product that you should either use a particular account login details to claim your reward.

5. Giving unknown apps permission on your phone.

Imagine an English textbook app asking for permission to read your phone contacts and messages for what?

So always read the kind of permission that apps asked to have access on your phone before accepting.

There are different ways that hackers use to hacks phones that are not listed here you can make research on it by yourself as this article is centered on How to fix a hacked android phone so I have to focus on the main topic.

Some signs that indicates that your phone has been hacked.

  1. Your phone runs very slow: When your phone started running slowly try to run a check on it by using a trusted android anti virus because virus will hijacked your CPU which which can results in slowing down of your phone performance.I
  2. Increase In phone Data Usage: If you started noticing increase In your phone Data Usage just put it in your mine that your phone might be infected by virus because virus can use your data connection to operate in your phone without your knowledge
  3. Battery draining: Some malwares operate even if your phone is off which will affect your battery lifespan.

How to fix a hacked Android phone

When you understand that your phone has been hacked or infected by virus then the steps below can be used to take your phone back.

  • Install anti virus

You can install anti virus and run a check on your phone so that you can know where the problem is and you can use the anti virus app to solve the issue

  • Avoid installing apps from unknown sources

Only install apps from authorized apps websites such as google play store and avoid using apps from unknown sources or from your friend’s phone because by doing that you have open a way for hackers to easily attack your phone.

How to fix a hacked android phone

  • Factory reset your phone

If your phone is being hacked the best way that you can have control over your phone is by running a factory reset on your phone if you don’t know how you can reset your phone you can read 6 Steps On How To Factory Reset A Phone

But in this method you will lose almost all your phone data (documents, audio, videos etc) but it still serves as the best way of fixing a hacked android phone because as you lost your files the viruse will too vanish from your phone.


How to protect your phone from hackers

1. Avoid clicking on links any how online

2. Don’t activate ” install from unknown” sources In order to keep your phone away from apps that contains viruses and malwares.

Protecting your phone from attackers is the best thing that you supposed to do but if your phone is infected then this article will guide you on how to fix a hacked Android phone.

Watch the videos below more more guides on how to fix your Android phone and the ways you can easily know your phone has been hacked and Don’t forget to leave a comment below

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