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2 Ways on how to fix the unable to connect hotspot problem on a system

unable to connect hotspot

How to fix the unable to connect hotspot problem on system

There are some times you try browsing through the internet on your system but because of one thing or the other, you couldn’t connect after inputting your password on the system hotspot window that displayed and one of them is unable to connect hotspot.

This can be cause by a weak network or if you recently changed your hotspot password. No matter what might be the cause, I’ve got you covered.

Below here is the step-by-step guide on how to fix your phone unable to connect hotspot to work again with your system.

If you have used this hotspot before on the system before you started experiencing this, then follow this step

1. Run connection troubleshooting, if after running it and it still doesn’t work out, then restart the device and give access to all.

Step two

Follow this if the first isn’t working

1. Go to your control panel from windows

2. Click on it and select network settings

3. Change options; it will take you to where you will be given an option to add and to remove a device you have used or connected before on the system. Once you are there, click on the device that was showing you unable to connect and then select

4. Remove the device; once you remove the device, it means that your system doesn’t have anything in common with the device anymore. So you have relink them together before you can start using it again with the system.

5. Then try connecting the device hotspot again to the system as a new network completely.

This will connect your phone hotspot to the system immediately so no need of restarting or checking adapter for anything.

This is the most straight and active way of fixing your hotspot problems with your system.

Although there are still so many other ways.

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