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How to share data on Glo network 2021

How to share data on Glo network 2021

Do you find it too difficult to share data on Glo network? If yes then this article is for you -yes I mean you reading this post because this article is going to guide you on how to Share data on glo network without any difficulties.

Just as some people said that data is life so Glo, the Grand Master of data (Glo) makes its possible for their users to share data from one glo sim to another sim so as someone that doesn’t have data on his or her glo sim can easily share data from his friend who’ is having an active data subscription.

So without wasting much of your time talking, let me show you how to share data on Glo sim to another Glo sim easily.

How to share Data on Glo Sim

There are two methods that you can use to share data on Glo Sim which I will briefly explain how you can do it below.

  1. The first method is you can share data using USSD Code
  2. And you can also share Glo data online.

How to share data on Glo network using USSD Code

To share data on Glo sim one has to use his/her Sim phone dail and dail *127*01*follow by the number of any glo subscriber that he want to share his data with then press# and send.

For example, if I want to share my data plan with my friend and that my friend phone number is 08012345678 I will just type *127*01*08012345678# in order to share my data with that my friend.

Or I can just Send “share (my friend’s phone number) to 127 i.e I will type the following message “send 08012345678” to 127 that’s All.

How to share data on Glo network 2021

How to share data on Glo sim online

Glo as one of the best network providers in Nigeria and some other countries in the world has make it easy for their users to share their data using USSD Code (which I have explained above) and to buy data online (that’s what I am about to explain now).

So to share glo data online you will have to:

Open any of your browser being it google chrome, opera mini, Firefox or any browser that can open a webpage on the internet and Visit to buy and share data online.

how to know the number that share my data on glo

We previously learn how to share data on Glo network so now I am going to work you through how you can know the person that share your Data plan.

To view the list of people that share your data, just dail *127*00# and the list of all the people that are sharing your data plan Will appear or you can easily send “list” to 127 to see the list.

How to remove people from sharing your glo data

I know this is the operation that many people found it hard to remove people that are sharing their Data that’s why I added it to my Guides on “how to share data on Glo network” because this will help some people to remove people that are sharing their Data because sharing your data with someone will exhaust your data sharply.

Dail *127*02*friend’s phone number that you want to remove from using your data# e.g dail*127*02*08012345678# to remove 08012345678 from sharing your data.

how to check Glo data balance

Checking Glo data balance is very very easy because you will just need a code to check your Data balance.

To check your Glo data balance dail *127# and Glo will send you all the active data plan details such as the available data that you have and when the data will expire

Summery of How to share data on Glo network

  • *127*01*friend’s phone number# -to share data.
  • *127*00# -to view the list of people that are sharing your glo data e.g *127*02*friend’s phone number#
  • *127*02*friend’s phone number# -to remove someone from using your Glo data plan

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So now that you know how to share data on Glo network and other things that are related to sharing glo data I believe that you are going to use it legally. Please ask your friend before sharing his or her Data.

I will be updating this post regularly in order to keep it useful to my dear readers so always check this page for new updates.

Don’t forget to use the comments section to tell us what you will like to see in this blog when you visit this site next time as we are ready to improve. Happy reading.

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