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1-How to Use Audacity to Record Audio on Windows and Mac

how to use audacity

Have you ever tried starting a media job to be recording audio may be in your organization, at work, etc but you are not sure how and where to start from? Have you heard of audacity but don’t know how to use audacity?

Well if you haven’t, don’t worry I will tell you about it and also tell you to use it for your recording and also on how to cover it to any format of audio that you want your work to be.

Audacity has the name implies is a that can handle a lot of jobs just for you.

Audacity is one of the best window App that you ever see or use for audio recording, and one thing is sure.

You can never be disappointed in using audacity for your audio editing.

Therefore the below are few steps on how to get it and also on how to use it for your audio production.

Step 1:

If you don’t have audacity installed on your PC or you don’t have software for it, you can always download it by going to chrome browser and type in Audacity download


You will be taken to many websites so chose one on where to download it, once you are on the webpage, click on the download button and get your audacity downloaded into your system.

If you can’t download it, then worry, all you have to do is go to any company village with 300-500# and buy it. Note this, Audacity is not on a single CD which means that after installing the audacity on your system that is not just a waste of money and time.

You can buy audacity by buying a CD with the name Mega 45.

With mega 45, you can also find the complete software that your system needs and some of them are, Microsoft office, coral draws, photoshop, etc.

Step 3

After installing it, open the app on your desktop

Step 4

On the top menu, you will see a recording icon click on it to start your recording.

Step 5 

When done, you can save it as raw or as MP3 format audio.

I will be writing on how to convert your audio to MP3 format in my next article so start tune.

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