Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck Held Hands and Matched in Neutrals on a Day Date in L.A. Check

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Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck put their couple dressing on display yesterday when the two were photographed walking hand-in-hand in Los Angeles. Both wore neutral colors, Lopez in a white short-sleeved T-shirt, gray suspenders, and belted gray pants with white sneakers. Affleck, meanwhile, wore light-wash denim pants, a cream sweater, and blue sneakers. Affleck and Lopez remained on the West Coast on Met Gala Monday. The two did attend the September Met Gala together,


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where they were photographed kissing with masks on inside.Affleck hasn’t spoken much about his rekindled engagement with Lopez, but in December, he teased that the details behind their reunion are everything you’d hope for. “You can write conjecture about it, but one of the harder lessons that I have learned is that it’s not wise to share everything with the world,” Affleck explained of wanting to keep their relationship as private as possible. “There are some things which are private and intimate and have meaning in terms of their intimacy by dint of the fact that they’re not shared with the rest of the world.



I’m more comfortable just learning to find a boundary between things that I want to share and things that I don’t. I don’t know if it’s good or bad. I don’t. I know that I feel more comfortable having those healthy boundaries in my life around which, in a friendly and straightforward way, I tell you, I just don’t want to be talking about my personal relationship in the newspaper. I’m going to exercise a little restraint.” Though Affleck did offer a good tease of the story behind their reconciliation: “I can say that it’s definitely beautiful to me,” he said. “And, you know, one of the things I really value across all facets of my life now is that it was handled in a way that reflected that.



My life now reflects not just the person that I want to be, but the person that I really feel like I am—which is not perfect, but somebody who tries very hard and cares very much about being honest and authentic and accountable. It’s hard to say who benefits more, without going into gossipy detail. I could just say that I feel great about being very healthy. And it is a good story. It’s a great story. And, you know, maybe one day I’ll tell it. I’ll write it all out,” he paused. “And then I’ll light it on fire.”



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