Piers Morgan under fire for comparing Amber Heard to Meghan Markle, Morgan’s remarks spark backlash

Piers Morgan under fire for comparing Amber Heard to Meghan Markle

Piers Morgan, who flayed Amber Heard and compared her to Meghan Markle in the process, is facing backlash for his remarks.

Morgan, on his TalkTV Uncensored show, said: “The longer Amber Heard talks, the more she whines, the more she plays the victim, the more she tries to blame everybody but herself… As with Meghan Markle, the less I believe her,” he said. “I just find her a really incredible, or rather uncredible, witness.”

The former Good Morning Britain host’s remarks sparked backlash as fans responded to him in their own way, with one replied: “What has this got to do with Meghan Markle?.” Another then took to Twitter to reply to respond, saying: “The plummeting ratings for his show.”

One wrote: “Nothing at all. Morgan is obsessed and his new show is tanking in the ratings. See also GB News who are also using her to boost their poor ratings. They’re sickening bullies..”

Another responded as saying: “This freak is obsessed with her, and looks for a crack in any door to mention her name. He is insanely unhinged when it comes to the Duchess of Sussex. He wants her so bad and thinks about her day and night. His wife should be so embarrassed.”


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