Prince Charles kiss for Kate ‘biggest’ insult for US daughter-in-law Meghan

Prince Charles kiss for Kate 'biggest' insult for US daughter-in-law Meghan

Prince Charles loving gesture for Kate Middleton came as an insult to Prince Harry and wife Meghan Markle, says expert.

At St. Paul’s Cathedral, the royal family gathered early June to celebrate Queen Thanksgiving. While the prominent members of the fold paid tribute to the monarch, Prince Charles took a subtle swipe at Meghan after blowing a kiss at elder daughter-in-law Kate Middleton.

Royal expert Neil Sean on his YouTube channel reveals that action changed Harry and Meghan’s future in the monarchy forever.

Speaking of Charles’ gesture, Mr Sean said: “According to a very good source, that’s one of the things that Harry and Meghan now feel very slighted by.

“[This is] because of what Prince Charles did in the Cathedral.”

He added: “In fact, some are saying, [this] is the biggest insult that they’ve received since they departed, of course, and decided to become Megxit.”

The royal expert continued: “As I’ve said many times before, you threw down the gauntlet, you said all of those things on TV.

“Prince Charles, the Queen, Prince William, [the] Duchess of Cambridge, however, Sophie Wessex, are entitled to react in any way that they wish after what went before.”

He added: “Prince Charles, Catherine, William, Harry, and Meghan was there really a bigger insult than that.

“I would just say that it was an off-the-cuff thing that Prince Charles did and perhaps [he] just never thought about it as they [William and Kate] were right there in front of him.”

Mr Sean added: “[And] why should he, given what they’ve done to him.

“So fast forward, it looks like this particular slight could end up being one of the biggest talking points in Prince Harry’s book”


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