Queen used ex-government advisor to ‘keep an eye’ on Meghan Markle: Details

Queen Elizabeth II is mad at Meghan Markle

Queen Elizabeth is said to have sought the help of a certain former aide of UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson in an effort to ‘keep an eye’ on Meghan Markle when she first joined the royal family, reported The Daily Mail.

As per Express UK reports, Lord Geidt, who recently resigned as Johnson’s aide over the PM’s ‘poor’ handling of the controversy around him having parties during COVID lockdown, was the Queen’s ‘eyes and ears’ in 2019.

While Lord Geidt may not be known to most Britons for his political role, he has held many important posts, including being the Private Secretary to the Queen from 2007 to 2017.

He was then reported called back to serve the royal family in 2019 by working closely with Meghan Markle while she was the vice-president of the Queen’s Commonwealth Trust.

A royal source spilled to The Daily Mail: “Her Majesty values Lord Geidt’s wise counsel. This new role gives him a formal status again.”

The insider further added: “This was all part of the plan to introduce the Duchess to royal life. Lord Geidt will be Her Majesty’s eyes and ears.”

Lord Geidt was later let go from his role in the royal family, however, the reasons behind his dismissal are not exactly clear.

As for Meghan, she stepped down as senior royal alongside her husband Prince Harry in 2020 and then relocated to the US.


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