Royal fans blast Harry and Meghan for ‘lying’ after making secret visit to Queen – check

Meghan Markle gave Prince Harry the right 'tools' to leave UK


Royal fans have blasted Prince Harry and Meghan Markle for “lying” after making a secret appearance to visit the Queen.

The Duke and Duchess of Sussex secretly jetted into the UK so they could have a face-to-face meeting with Her Majesty on Thursday (April 14), after snubbing Prince Philip’s memorial service.



The couple also got to catch up with Prince Charles, in a visit that stunned spectators outside Windsor Castle, as well as royal aides, who were reported to be as in the dark as everyone else.

The stop was part of their trip to The Netherlands for the Invictus Games which are set to kick off on Saturday .This is their first joint visit since they quit their royal duties in March 2020, with Harry often voicing security concerns as a reason he didn’t want to bring his family back to blighty.


Meghan Markle gave Prince Harry the right 'tools' to leave UK
Twitter users, however, are not happy with the pair’s secret visit and have branded them “liars and frauds” regarding the issues of security which had been voiced previously.

One user wrote: “What about the liars & frauds-bullies & grifters-and traitors – Harry and Meghan’s dire fear of security???”



A second commented: “What was all that about security? About the family being racist? etc. Harry and Meghan lied to the world to get a foothold, lying to us about their victimhood and their pain. It was all a lie.
A third simply added: “Prince Harry and Meghan Markle make secret visit to the Queen in Windsor. What happened to their security fears?”