Applying For AdSense: Few 5 Things To Put In Place


I know the feeling of having a site today than trying to get it monetized by tomorrow then cashing out the next day. But I wish it was that easy and simple but it’s not, for you to monetize your site on applying for Adsense, there are a few things you must ensure that you put into consideration before even planning on monetizing it.

But in this article, I have been writing on the necessary things you need to have on your site before you even plan on applying for Adsense or planning of checking the AdSense network out.

And some of them are pages.

Pages are what helps the people coming to your site to understand what your site is all about and the rule and regulations of how the site should be used or run.

And these are some site pages that google do not joke nor avoid on a site;

1 Term and Conditions: having terms and conditions on your site is like having your dos and don’t in your business or company.

So in here, you are telling the audiences that visit your site who you don’t welcome and what you welcome.

2 Policy: This page is just like terms and conditions but the thing is that policy is a must to follow if you want to be on the safe side.

3 Contact Us page: This one is very important if you want your audiences to stay in touch with you, then you need this. On this page, you don’t really have to make writing, it can be a form on the page, yeah you can create a form and insert it on this page where people can fill it anytime and any day.

4 About Us page: This is you telling your audience what your business or company is all about on a particular page on your site.

With this page, someone will not have to come and start asking you what is your business or site all about, that’s because it is down on the site for everyone that visits to read.

5 Contents: Contents mean a lot to AdSense, yeah, so you have to make sure you avoid scrapped contents and little to nothing content on your site.

Don’t copy posts from other sites for your blog must have blog contents because google will not approve such a site once they review it. To avoid this act.

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