Things gone soured in the palace for Kate Middleton, Camilla Parker Bowles Allegedly Made Kate Middleton Cry Twice In…

Things gone soured in the palace for Kate Middleton, Camilla Parker Bowles Allegedly Made Kate Middleton Cry Twice In...

Is Camilla Parker Bowles feuding with Kate Middleton? One tabloid claims things are so tense between the Duchess of Cambridge and her stepmother-in-law that tears have been shed. Here’s the latest gossip about the future queen consorts.Camilla Parker Bowles ‘Settling Old Grudge’ With Kate Middleton?

The latest edition of the Globe reports Camilla Parker Bowles is drunk on power after the queen announced she’d assume the title of “queen consort” once Prince Charles ascends to the throne. Apparently, the Duchess of Cornwall has plans to settle “old scores” with her “rival royals,” and Kate Middleton is getting the brunt of it. “At a family gathering, Camilla tore into Kate for not curtsying deep enough — and then forbade the young duchess from sitting in her presence without permission,” an insider dishes.

“It was a shocking slap to in the face — and Kate tried, but failed, to fight back tears. Camilla announced her intention to slash the royal budget for Kate’s formal fashions, which are paid out of Charles’ pocket… She also decreed Kate would no longer be allowed to borrow gems from the Crown Jewels to add sparkle to her public appearances.” But Bowles isn’t only going after Middleton’s wardrobe.

Apparently, Bowles is even forcing Prince William and Middleton to move out of Buckingham Palace. “Kate openly wept when she heard the decree,” the tipster confides. And sources say Bowles is only getting started. “There’s a new war brewing that will make Megxit look like a pillow fight,” the snitch concludes.
Camilla Parker Bowles Waging New ‘War’ On Kate Middleton?

We aren’t buying this story for a second. First of all, nothing Bowles has ever said or done warrants this kind of gossip. From what we can tell, Bowles and Middleton have always gotten along just fine. They often team up on charitable projects, and they clearly share common values. In fact, Bowles joined Middleton on a visit to an art institute, and they looked like they had a great time together.

But even if we were to believe that Bowles had it out for Middleton — which just seems ludicrous — we doubt she’d use her limited power to attack her. As queen consort, the true sovereign power would still lie with Charles. And we doubt Charles would approve of these attacks against Middleton since they’ve seemed close ever since Middleton wed Prince William.
The Tabloid On Camilla Parker Bowles

And we’d be fools to trust anything the Globe says about the Duchess of Cornwall. Last year, the outlet reported Prince Charles and Bowles’ marriage was in trouble. Then the magazine claimed Queen Elizabeth had demoted Bowles, preventing her from becoming queen. And finally, the publication alleged the queen had a vendetta against Bowles that moved Charles to tears. Obviously, the Globe doesn’t know anything about Camilla Parker Bowles.


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