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Top 10 Most Popular Smartphone Brands in Nigeria (2020)

popular smartphone brands in Nigeria

Popular smartphone brands in Nigeria

Going for a smartphone can be so stressing especially if this is your first smartphone and you will be like please what are the popular smartphone brands in Nigeria because I want to upgrade to a smartphone now.

The truth is that you asking this kind of question in public or in some phone shop can be so risky. risky in the sense that you can easily get scam because they know that you have no idea on what qualities each brand has and that is why you are asking of popular smartphone brands.

so I will guide you through by giving you not just the popular smartphone brands in Nigeria but from the best.

and there are;

1 Samsung: Samsung is not new in the market nor in the business, those guys are at the top when it comes to qualities both in the battery, camera, operating system, storage, etc.

They have all you could ever ask or need from a good phone. so check them out for quality products.

Although a lot of their products are costly, they are worth it.

2 Apple: As the name implies, it’s a sweet and smooth phone in all. It is a phone that many can kill to get. But that does not mean that they are the best.

One thing about this brand is that their products are costly and costly things attract costly customers.

3 Tecno: Tecno may not really be the best of the popular smartphone brands in the Nigerian market, but it is the very best in their client’s heart.

4 Infinix: Okay this is another one in a million phones in the heart of people after Tecno. Infinix does not just produce a phone for you to buy, instead, they take their time to ensure that you come back next time with a friend to purchase another phone, because of the good quality they offer.

5 Itel: Itel is not just popular in the country because of just their products, it is also because they make their products a little cheaper than all other technology industries for people to be able to purchase.

6 Oppo: Oppo is still a little kind of new in the market but they are bringing out products that are worth checking out.

7 Nokia: Although Nokia is almost like Apple, but they are still among the best. So if you are a type that does not like sharing much stuff on phone with someone or collecting, then cool.

8 HTC: A nice and neat phone, the least of its RAM capacity is 512MB.

9 Lenovo: Both their systems and phones products are cool to get.

10 Huawei: Huawei brand is beating the market these days due to the kind of new products they are introducing into the market.

Although there are still a lot of popular smartphone brands in Nigeria, this is the top 10 you can get.


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