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Top 6 Best PC Games Free

best pc games free

The 6 Best PC Games Free you will like

Do you know just as we all use our mobile phone to chat, play good games with it that you can actually use your PC and do the same? Yeah, there are many best PC games free out there that you can download Into your system and play at any time.

Just like lacking data subscription should not be the reason why you feel lonely at home or why you just drop your phone and be looking at the ceiling just because you are bored. So is playing the game on your PC.

Although it is true that even the best PC games free that are out there can acquire a lot like data and storage space on your system, you can still make it work.

There are so many ways of getting the best PC games free without having to spend much or a dia for it and some of those ways are;

i. Getting it from a friend: Yeah, a lot of guys have games on their system not because they downloaded it but sometimes it is because they used a little cash to purchase the CD where the game is burned into.

ii. Buying: If you are not a type that likes collecting or asking for such things, you can also get your own. All it cost is just 400 Naira (1$).

With 400# you can likely buy your own and personally owned it instead of asking someone.

This means that almost all the best PC games free that you see online are all sold in digital stores for a little amount. So walk up there and make a purchase.

Now, what are the best PC games free that are available as of 2021?

1 PES: We all know that football just happens to be a men’s game although a lot of ladies are into the game too now that even makes them be more in demand than they used to be.

Football is still the most popular game in the world. And for you to enjoy it the most, it on a PC when you happen to be able to challenge your friends or siblings with it.

2 Fortnite battle Royal:  Fornite battle royal was designed by Darren Sugg and later got released in the year 2017 and was originally developed by Epic games. which means that this online game has been in the business for 4 years now.

The Fortnite battle royal game can be found on many different platforms like on Android, Windows, Playstation 4, iOS, etc.

It has a multi-player function which means that you can select players or chose to play all alone.

But one secret to PC games is that it is more enjoyable when you are playing with a partner.


3 Star wars:  One good thing about this particular best PC free game is that if you have watched the star wars movie, you will be able to play the game.

The game is kind of generated from the movie storyline and that makes it a little easy to play with the help of the movie.

Star wars are one of the most popular action game that you can download when looking for best PC games free on the internet. This means that the game has almost the highest number of players after soccer games.


4 Fallout Shelter: The fallout game is a 3D, 2D project. In terms of being able to change the perspective of the game.

It is one of the best PC games free that you can also play offline as the game does not demand internet before you can play it. The game has no end so that means that you will keep playing it until you get tired of playing again.

So you will keep building as many underground rooms that you can and fill them with dwellers.

To know more about the game,  browser with the name of the game.

The beautiful game was programmed by Federico and co. And developed by Behaviour interactive, and Bethesda Game Studios in the year 2015.


Apex Legends: As the name implies, “legends” is one of the best PC games free that you can ever play and without asking to quit.

If you are an athletic kind of person, then this game will blow your mind because it is truly mind-blowing.

In this game, you can become a hero shooter of your team. So why not get the amazing game and get into character and let’s see what you got.? Hahaha

The game has over 70millions user as we speak that’s to show you how interesting and amazing the game is actually.


6 Call of duty:  if you are looking for the world’s selling PC games, then this is it for you. Call of duty is the top of it all when you are researching which video games to play.

So if you like action movies like James bond movies, then don’t hesitate to check call of duty out.

Call of duty is actually an army video game where soldiers are called into the field for a deadly war. If you were not born during world war 11 then this game will tell you both about the history and also reasons we should love and pray for our brothers, and brothers who are an army to fight and protect this country.


The game has been on the internet since it was produced by McFarlane Toys and Activision in the year 2003.

Now, who is going to win the war? The good guys or the bad guys? Get into a digital store and get yours, let’s support the good guys.

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—Best site to download best PC games free—-

Mega game: the top one site that you can have access to all the best PC games free. Yeah, with the mega game, you can download as many as you want all for free as long as you are their customer.


what is the biggest PC game

One of the biggest PC games is Call of duty with over 100+GB.

Note: for a game to be quality for you or other users to play, it has to take a lot.

Do you know How many weeks are in a year?

—-What’s the most popular PC game—

I will still say Call of Duty and seconded by PES. Both were released in 2003, 1995 respectively.

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