6 Ways How To Verify Your Identity Google Adsense

verify your identity google adsense

How To Verify Your Identity Google AdSense

When you talk about the best ads network, I will always recommend Adsense as the best.

Although AdSense is not paying too big but with AdSense, you can start earning little by little.

AdSense is the only Ads network that does not care about your traffic before approving you. All you need to use AdSense is to ensure that you follow all the dos and don’ts of the company.

But after getting approved by AdSense, it doesn’t stop there, you have to verify your identity and address before you can have access to your earnings on AdSense.

To have access your identity is the first to verify before your address. Now how do you verify your Identity on AdSense;

1 make sure that you have an ID card and for you to have an ID card, you must be up to 18years of age

verify your identity google Adsense

2 Login to your AdSense dashboard

3  On the left hand, select on account if the verification message disappeared.

But if not,

4 Select the verify button

5  Upload your ID card

Before uploading, confirm that your ID card meets the criteria of the kind of ID accepted on the platform

6. If it is, proceed to submit.

Then wait for feedback. If it was successfully, you will be notify and also you will be asked to go further by verifying your address.

If not, you will be asked to retry again.

Note: There is a limit of trial when trying to verify your account on AdSense and once you reach that limit and still not successfully, then the account is gone.

So ensure that your ID card is clear and not blur. 3 times is the limited time you can try, to avoid a ban, don’t submit the wrong ID up to 3 times. follow these steps and make sure you verify your identity google Adsense Good luck.

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