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Most Popular Technology Skills You Can Possess In 2021

technology skills

Technology Skills You Can Possess In 2021

The truth is that technology is taking over the world and it happening day by day. This means that if care is not taken that it will be only those who possess Technology skills that will still keep their jobs.

And if this happens, it will mean that it is only Technology skills that will help.

At this 2020, 2021, the most, high demanding open positions in the companies are all in demand of someone with  Technology skills.

Note: when technology skills are mentioned, it does not simply mean that you have to be a computer wizard before you can occupy the space.  But instead, it means that you should at least have something that you can be good at with the computer.

Now, that’s where this article comes in,  in this article, I will be writing on few technology skills you can learn even at the comfort of your home with the use of your mobile phone or PC.

This means that you may not even need a physical tutor before you can start learning.

Now let’s see some of those Technology skills that you can run on your own;


1 Writing:  This is one skill that if I mention to people when they ask me what they can learn online to make money, they do laugh because to them, it is not among types of Technology skills.

Writing is not just among technology skills instead It is one of the hardest technology skills you can ever think of. You know why?

Writing is not just all about carrying a pen and a paper then you just start writing, writing comes with inspiration and a lot of research.

Yeah, it is one thing to carry a book and then you start writing whatever that even you cannot understand, why? Because you did not write with inspiration.

Writing skills is one of the most demanding skills these days on the internet and it is also one of the fastest jobs you can get online to pay your bills.

You may be asking is it necessary to do research before writing? Well, it is necessary but not a must, if you just want to write for writing’s sake but if you are writing for a company about a product or you are writing SEO content, then it is not only necessary or compulsory to do research before hitting the publishing button.


2 Word processing: Word processing is just not only about typing, yeah. When I was young, I used to think that word processing is all about me going to sit in front of a computer and start typing. Hahaha

But then as I grow up, and now started my computer program, I now discovered that it just more than typing to do a good word processing job.

It takes knowledge– in terms of being able to read a sentence, then understand before you type it down.

It takes Accountability:  in terms of knowing your keyboard. Yeah, you need to study your keyboard before you can be qualified to be an expert in that field. When you are not familiar with your keyboard, you will be seeing yourself typing one paragraph for almost 10 minutes.


3 Web development: To be a web developer is not a day job likewise other fields of technology skills, but the secret here is that being a web developer can expose you to big firms outside your country just because of the skill you possess.

As a website developer, you can be selling websites to clients, and you can also be working for people on contract.

As a website developer, you can work anywhere. You know why? It is because almost all businesses are online now and that makes your skill highly in demand in most companies.


4 Digital marketing:  Digital marketing is the process of selling things online even without owning a website of your own. You don’t need to have capital before you can start a digital marketing business.

All it takes to become a digital marketer is the ability to be able to talk to a customer in other to sell a product you are selling. And this ability is called Digital marketing skills.

To have this skill, you need to learn the strategy of selling and communication skills.

Programming: There is nothing done on the internet that doesn’t involve programming. Do you know that even posting on the internet is programming? I guess is not everyone that does because they think that once a website is built, that’s all.

Every writing we did is automatically programmed to display as words instead of code.

3 Networking and wireless: In the world of ICT, the second most ranking field is networking and wireless. Every connection to the internet that we do is called networking, everyone thing that we send to people over the internet is called a wireless connection.

Sending something from your phone to another person’s phone without using a cord or any wire is called a wireless connection. Wireless in the sense that it is done over a certain network known as a wireless network.

So to have networking and wireless skills, you will need to have an idea of network troubleshooting and also knowledge of coding.

The main tool that a networking and wireless networker use is command prompt.

Software Development: Every activity that we conduct on our phones, systems, etc is built by software developers. Software is those things that we use in performing one function or the other on our system without having the ability to touch it.

5 IT service management: Do you know that with the idea of IT service management that you can run a cyber cafe?

6 Database Design: Everything we type into the system of the internet, is known as a database. The database is the info that you input into the system for storing or to get an output.

Coding: coding is just like programming but in a different way. Being able to code can help you to have almost any kind of job on the internet.

Because even as a networker, you need coding.

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8 Blockchain: Blockchain is the top 1 cryptocurrency business all over the world. This means that learning these skills will not only help you to trade but will also help you to become a crypto tutor.

That’s people coming to you to teach them how to trade.

9 Communication

10 UX design, etc.

There are a lot more than you can learn but this is one of the 1-10 you can go for.

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