Why Sharon Stone went off ‘bitch-slapped’ Kaley Cuoco three times

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Kaley Cuoco stopped by Jimmy Kimmel Live! on Monday to promote the second season of The Flight Attendant on HBO Max. The new season includes a few new faces, such as Sharon Stone, who plays the mother to Cuoco’s character, Cassie Bowden. Apparently there were a few surprises while the two women were filming a scene for episode six.

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“She was supposed to say, ‘I like you, but I don’t love you very much,'” Cuoco recalled. “That’s what she is supposed to say. She says this line to me, she grabs my face and she whacks me!” Apparently the unscripted slap stunned the crew as much as Cuoco. However, they were able to get the shot, which she described as “Emmy-worthy.” “Sharon comes back and said, ‘Oh my God, I love you. It just felt right for the scene,” Cuoco said. “I was like, ‘That was incredible. Whoa!’ So I’m like, ‘I just got bitch-slapped by Sharon Stone.'”Even though they got the shot, Stone decided to slap Cuoco again during the second take. Production then reversed the cameras to film Stone’s close-up. But just because Cuoco wasn’t on camera, it didn’t mean she was safe from Stone’s quick hands.



“She slaps me again!” Cuoco exclaimed. “Three times I got slapped. Wasn’t even me in the third take. So now I need to ice. And I’m like… I walk out. She comes and is like, ‘Hey, it was on my face –’ ‘I understand, I understand.’ I’m like, ‘Can we wrap, though, because I think I’m ready to go.'”



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